Friday, February 1, 2008

My Music

Music is a universal form of self expression that inspires many people around the world in ways you can only imagine. For me, music has been something that is tied to a memory of a special moment or period of time. These memories aren't necessarily something significant, but rather footnotes in the storyline of my life (particularly my teenage years).

I began getting involved in music for the first time in the 8th grade. I attended a bat mitzvah at hotel in which a Disc Jockey was present. I was daring and enjoyed attention, so when the DJ left the party to use the restroom I took it as an opportunity to put on my favorite songs. And so my DJing career began. I found the art of mixing music surprisely easy, yet fascinating. A few weeks later I received my first pair of turntables as a Christmas gift. I persistantly improved my mixing skills and knowledge of music. As I continued to grow into music I began promoting myself as a mobile disc jockey to my friends and ended up mixing for friends parties.

As I entered my sophomore year in high school I decided to release a "mixtape" containing tracks that I had remixed in a style known as a mash-up, or bastard pop. It's when you place vocals from one track over instrumentals of another. The mixtape, entitled "Roc Remixes" was welcomed warmly by the ears of my friends and classmates as I manage to sell a couple dozen of them. I continued releasing these mixtapes for about a year and then I decided to start producing my own music.